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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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essence is something far off, which possesses a
special abode or place; for the abyss of Nature
and creation is God himself.
14.  The visible world with its host of creatures
is nothing else than the emanated Word which
has disposed itself into qualities, as in qualities the
particular will has arisen.   And with the recepti-
bility of the Will the creaturely life arose;  which
life has in the beginning of this world introduced
itself into a receptivity for a creaturely groupd,
which the separator has  separated according to
the quality, and brought to a will of its own after
such a fashion.    And with the self-will of such
desire substance or body of its likeness and quality
has arisen to each receptivity; whereby the sepa-
rator has signed itself and made itself visible, as
is to be seen in every life.
15.  In  this   counterstroke   of  the   divine   will
we are to understand two kinds of life, viz. an
eternal and a temporal.    That which is  eternal
is  in  the  Eternal,  and  arises  from the  eternal
Word.     It  stands  at  the  basis   of the   eternal
spiritual world, in the Mysterium magnum of the
•divine  counterstroke,  and   constitutes  the   intel-
lective life at the basis of the  eternal fire and
16.  The inmost ground is a spark of the ema-
nated will of God through the eternal divine breath-
ing, and is united with God's Word to will nothing
but what the one will of God wills through such
17.  It is nothing else than a mansion of divine
will, through which the divine will reveals itself;